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P O W E R  U P !
Power Up! is dedicated to bringing creative and affordable solutions to form and function problems at your home and/or business!

Over 30 years of industrial maintenance experience with amusement rides and museums, printing and production, auto mechanics, retail/restaurant work flow, food packing and commercial cleaning equipment maintenance is included in the scope of Power Up!

Including a wide range of services to the NYC area:

🐀🐜  Pest Entry Control
🏠  Interior/Exterior
      Repair & Improvement
⛈  Roof and Leak Repair
🧰  Appliance Repair
🔌  Basic Electrical Repair
🪑  Furniture Repair

POWER UP! Your Home and Business

SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park, NYC

Staten Island Fun Park Go Karts

Biomonde Organic Cleaning Vehicles

Biomonde Organic Cleaning Equipment Storage

Brazilian Tropical Wood Deck

Liberty Science Center Rubik's Cube Attraction

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